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Analytical Balances and Precision Balances

The analytical balance has been manufactured by Denver Instrument in Colorado since 1880. In 1999, Denver Instrument was acquired by Sartorius. With Sartorius construction, Denver analytical balances have offered an unmatched combination of precision, accuracy and value. In 2013, those attributes have transitioned to Sartorius balance lines, seen below. The same reliability you've come to know with the Denver Instrument line is carried on with Sartorius!

Pinnacle Balances

Secura® Balances

Pinnacle Balances are now Secura Balances
Pinnacle Balances:
Balances that combined the latest advances in weighing technology with a superior, yet simple, user-interface.
Secura® Balances:
Easy, Reliable Weighing in Regulated Areas. The new Secura® is a laboratory balance that does far more than set new standards in metrological specifications.

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Summit Balances

Quintix Balances

Summit Balances are now Quintix Balances
Summit Balances:
Balances with simplicity, accuracy and reliability at economical prices
Quintix Balances:
Redefining Standard – The Quintessential Balance. Intuitive user menu navigation and improved workflow with easy-to-use apps.

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Timberline Balances

Practum Balances

Timberline Balances are now Practum Balances
Timberline Balances:
Entry-level balances for fundamental weighing tasks.
Practum Balances:
Start Weighing Right -Start Weighing Practical. German Quality weigh cell technology. Multiple user supervisor lock.

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