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Electrochemistry Meters

Denver Instrument began manufacturing electrochemistry meters in 1992. Denver's 200 Series Meters are research-grade meters that offer multi-channel measurement including pH, mV, temperature, ISE and conductivity. In 1999, Denver Instrument was acquired by Sartorius. In 2013, those attributes have transitioned over to their respective Sartorius electrochemical lines, seen below. The same reliability you've come to know with the Denver Instrument line is carried on with Sartorius!

200 Series Meters

Professional Meters

200 Meters are now Professional Meters
200 Series Meters:
Advanced features ensured easy operation.
Professional Meters:
Advanced Control with multi-parameter analysis.

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Meridian Meters

DocupH Meters

Meridian Meters are now DocupH Meters
Meridian Meters:
GLP compliance at your fingertips.
DocupH Meters:
Improved calibration routines support optimum procedural sequences in the laboratory.

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UltraBasic Meters

PB Basic Meters

UltraBasic Meters are now PB Basic Meters
UltraBasic Meters:
Simplest, easy-to-use meter.
PB Basic Meters:
Easy operation with understandable symbols that practically eliminate handling errors.

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